Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's New?

So what’s going on with Ben? 
I’ve started working at Xango, a MLM that sells natural health products, I’m doing Norwegian Customer Service and actually sitting at my desk at the moment.
It’s a huge change from any job I’ve had for a long time, because I feel like I spend so much time just sitting around. I’m so used to always having something else waiting to get done. I’ve already set up my accounts, finished my reports, looked through all the updates, information, translated it to Norwegian in my head, and I still have 5 hours to go. It’s nice because I have time to work on my homework, but it’s strange to have a job like this again. Xango is also strange because I’ve never worked for a company that likes to put it’s brand image out there so much as this company. I have received the following swag items to date:
Xango Soccer Ball

Xango Candles
Xango Insulated Bag
Xango Notebook

Xango Messenger Bag
Xango Pens
Xango Mangosteen

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nathan and Eva Videos

These are some of the videos we have taken, but they are actually kind of out of date, the kids are growing and changing so fast. I'll try to get some good video of all their new tricks, but it's chaos to try to get them to sit down and talk, or do anything for more than a minute.

Here's Nathan performing his repertoire of sounds, he's such a boy, and loves anything that roars, has teeth, or a sword.

Eva singing twinkle twinkle, she's actually got the words to this down now, but she loves to sing, sometimes songs of her own composition. Almost every morning when I wake up, she's in her bed, talking and singing to herself.

Eva and Nathan love to play together, and have the typical push/pull relationship of all siblings, but Eva is such a sweetheart, and I love the way that she worries about Nathan, and keeps track of him. Whenever one of them gets in trouble and has to sit in time out, we have to keep the other one from going over and comforting them because they are sad.

Eva is definitely a girl, and she knows that pulling the DADDY DADDY card is a sure way to play on her soft touch Dad. I know I'm gonna have a hard time with this little girl, she's getting good at manipulating her dad at such a young age.

Eva had just burned her finger on a lightbulb, and she is so funny about kissing things better, and whenever she wants attention she'll start manufacturing ouchies so that Mom and Dad can kiss them better. She's a little sweetheart.

Nathan here is pretty distracted, he just had been singing his favorite song, the wheels on the bus, so he has a hard time talking about anything but the wheels on the bus. He also loves taking the bus to his preschool, and on election day Jordan and I told Nathan that we'd be going to his school to vote. He was so excited, but was heartbroken when I told him we were driving in the car to get there. He wanted the bus, and nothing else would do.

These two videos do such a good job of conveying the Eva experience, and her capriciousness is endearing, and frustrating sometimes as well. She loves to flit here and there, dispensing hugs and kisses, but never wanting to sit and cuddle unless she's sad or scared.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Baking on Sunday

Last but not least, here is one more post. Today Nate and Eva helped make lime bars and were really excited about cracking the eggs. While the bars were baking they cracked a couple of extra eggs and I scrambled them up for the kids to eat. Eva was not a fan - she brought me a handfull right out of her mouth, but when I said no thanks, being more disgusted by scrambled eggs myself than her messy handful of egg, she stuck them in Nate's bowl. Funny how I also gave away my scrambled eggs to my sister . . . but I was 16!

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Nate's First Day of School

Nate has speech and physical therapy needs due to his health challenges, and when he turned three he qualified for a special preschool program. He gets to go on the bus (no worries, they have special seats :) three days a week for a couple of hours and all of his services are incorporated into fun activities with other kids and with specialists. Of course, his teachers think he is super cute. Nate is really benefiting from the class the same way he did at play group, but it is harder on Ben and I because he comes home signing and saying new words and at first we have no idea what he means! Each day his speech improves, and we are so proud of him! Last week Nate went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch and came home and told me all about animals! I guess there must have been a petting zoo with chickens!

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Nate's Birthday

Nate's was born on September 19, 2005. I became pregnant again pretty soon after Nate was born, and Eva was just as anxious to get out of my belly then as she is anxious to get out of her car seat now! I went into the hospital at 28 weeks after months of "bedrest" with preterm labor (Nate was in the hospital on and off, Ben and I were at Alpine - you get the idea). We celebrated Nate's first birthday while I was there, and a couple of weeks later, Eva was born on October 7, 2006. This year I made a little cake for Nate on his birthday and then the family came over the next Sunday to have a big cake and open both Nate and Eva's presents.

Nate was really excited about making a wish. He thought really hard and wanted "more fire." Grandpa Lehnhof lit a candle in Nate's own piece of cake a few times and caught this cute picture for us.

Eva really loves the little cheetah she actually picked out at the zoo a few weeks ago. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with her recent adoration of Baby Jaguar from "Diego."

Nate received this really cute tool set from his Aunt Steph and Uncle Manuel. It was really fun to open presents this year because each present was a big hit! "Diego" toys and train accessories were among the favorites.
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Just catching up . . .

According to most people summer is officially over, but since it remains pleasant in Utah for a while after school starts, until the first stormy weekend of fall arrives, I am usually oblivious. So, now I face the reality that we didn't go camping, take the kids to Seven Peaks, or go on all of adventures I planned! Of course, some of my more ambitious ideas will hold until next year, and luckily there are still a few more nice days ahead. Here are some of our favorite moments from the last month or two. I'll have to post a few times to fit all of the pictures.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ben emerges from seclusion...

It seems like I've been keeping a low profile, as it's been a been a particularly difficult stretch in our lives. It's funny, but as I look back at the last few months, I'm grateful for the opportunity and experiences that we've had, as they have pushed us in directions we may never have considered. I'm now attending Utah Valley University, pursuing a degree in Computer Science and programming. I love my classes, and have really been having a good time spending lots of time with Nathan and Eva.
As many of you know or may not, I watch local and national politics, and I tend to get very passionate about getting across my point of view. As I was thinking a few days ago, many of the girls that I've had will be voting in this election, which really scares me... So I thought I'd start a blog where you can ask questions that were off limits, and I'll also occasionally write on things I care about. I'm thinking about what I write as though I'm writing these letters to your girls. I'm really trying to really teach principles of what I believe, rather than focus on specific candidates or parties. I also plan to write about spiritual things, and hope that if any of you want to ask me questions, for advice, and for you to tell me why I'm wrong. I'm hoping that this will become a conversation, and I hope to respond to your comments, and you can leave them anonymously if you want. No question is really off limits, and I'll be posting on the blog

I really hope to hear from all of you, I miss and care about each of you. Please keep us informed about what you are up to.